I build mobile apps for Ubiquiti Networks.

I began programming in 1983 in BASIC on an Atari 800, but largely gave it up by the time I finished high school.  In college I studied mathematics and later biology and marine biology.  I earned a Master’s in marine biology at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and then moved to Brazil where I taught English as a Second Language.  While I was in Brazil my father contacted me about writing a tutorial program to accompany an upcoming revision of his logic textbook.  I agreed and taught myself Visual C++, Visual Studio and MFC to accomplish the task.  By the time it was finished, my interest in programming had been renewed.  The program (and 2 others) were published, and upon my return to the United States at the height of the dot com boom, I landed a full-time job as a computer programmer.

For over a decade I worked as lead developer at Odyssey Computing, Inc. doing mostly consulting work.  I began working in mobile with Windows CE in 1999 and continued to do so through about 2005, when Windows Mobile really began to wane.  For the next few years I focused primarily on desktop software, but when the iPhone SDK was announced in 2008 I was immediately intrigued (at my company we were all using iPhones by then, despite our past history with Microsoft mobile devices).

Next I spent a year and a half bringing rich user experiences to life on iOS with the team at Y Media Labs.

After 15 years I’m switching gears from client work to product work. Currently I am a mobile architect for Ubiquiti Networks.

Something about iOS programming speaks to me in a way no other platform has done.  I believe it is the importance of good design and user experience and the attention to detail.  These of course are possible (and in fact desirable) on any platform, but Apple has made great UX relatively easy to achieve with their programming API’s.  And while attending iOS developer conferences to further my craft, I have discovered that the Mac/iOS developer community is like no other.

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